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October Character Trait of the Month

Responsibility -

The state of being independent and accountable

Mantra - I am flexible and honest

Quote - "The time is always RIGHT to do the right thing."

Salk Daily Health Screener

EVERY DAY, your child will need to complete a the district's daily health screener. All health information remains confidential and does not get reported to the district.

Week of October 26, 2020

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Traditional Salk Halloween activities will not take place this year. School sponsored events like our PTO Trunk or Treat and school-wide parade and parties will not be held. However, teachers will choose appropriate fall activities for their students like they normally would.

In addition, the week leading up to Halloween is Red Ribbon Week. We are encouraging our Seahawks to participate in a Spooktacular Red Ribbon Spirit Week that week to raise students' awareness about Red Ribbon Week and have some fun together. Please see the themes below.
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Red Ribbon Week - October 26th to October 30th

In H.E.A.R.T. class your child receives many lessons, one of which is safety with medicines and drugs. This year your child’s H.E.A.R.T. teacher will continue this very important topic during Red Ribbon Week. Learning how to get away from a dangerous situation, standing up to peer pressure, knowing the effects of drugs on the human body, and taking medicines properly/only when prescribed by a trusted adult are just a few of the many topics taught in HEART class (all at the grade level of your child).

Also, this year grades 4-6 will have the opportunity to enter a poster contest. Your child’s HEART teacher will be giving students more details in the coming weeks.

Stay Safe and Healthy!

Mrs. Zoli

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Indoor Line Up

As the weather begins to change, it is important to share our indoor line-up procedures. Similar to outdoor line up, here is some information to know.

  • Students will sanitize as they enter the building
  • Masks must be worn as students wait in the hallways.
  • Vinyl dots are spaced in the hallways outside teachers classroom door to support distancing while in line.

When you see the orange flag, please note that line up will be indoors. The flags are located at the front of the building by the bus loop and in the back of the building where grades 1-3 line up.

Thank you for your continued support with our Seahawks.


Here are a few tips on how to support your child in myON.

  • myOn has a variety of high interest books based on student selection and lexile
  • Students should select "Recommended for You" to read books at recommended lexile level.
  • If a book begins and is read to your child, this is a book above their lexile.
  • If a book is at your child's appropriate level, your child will have a choice to read the selection on their own or select the play tool to have the story read to them.

Return to School Plan

Reminder: Elementary K-6 Enrollment Selection form is due October 30.

To help with your decision, please join Ms. Wozniak in a community conversation on Wednesday, October 28. The link to sign up, along with important FAQ information can be found in the link below.

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Our staff would like to recognize our students who are displaying our monthly character traits, as well as our expectations of being Respectful Responsible and Safe. Each week, we will celebrate our Seahawks by shouting out how they SOAR.. This week, we would like to recognize:

Mason Forsythe 4th

Mason hit the ground running with his work this week. I'm so impressed with his level of responsibility. Keep up the great effort!!

Zoe Pominville 4th

I'm so proud of you for pushing through the tough times and being responsible. We got this, little lady!!

Madeleine Kushner 1st

Thank you for always saying "Hi, Ms. Charfauros!" in the hallway when we see each other! You make my day!

Abigail Halim 1st

I was so proud of Abigail! Upon entering the Salk building I saw Abigail use the hand sanitizer before entering and she also held the door for her sister without hesitation. She also said Good Morning. Keep up the good work Abby! Way to be safe and respectful!

Connor Gilbert KDG

Big Shout Out to Connor Gilbert! I had the pleasure of walking him to his classroom and he reminded me and showed me that he needed to hang his personal belongings in his "safety bag" that is used for storing his things while in school! Way to be super safe and responsible and thanks for reminding me to Connor!

Tate Oldenburg 5th

Tate deserves a 'Shout Out' because he always adds so much fantastic information to our classroom discussions. There is no doubt that Tate is a deep thinker and he is able to clearly voice his opinion in such a respectful way. He sets a great example for others in our class. Thank you Tate for being the responsible, engaged student that you have been!!

Allison Telega 5th

Allison just radiates JOY and makes those around her happy!! She is truly a ray of sunshine! Allison has worked so very hard these first few weeks of this crazy, hectic beginning of the year. You should be so proud of all of your effort in completing assignments and all of the reading on MYON you have done! Way to go girl!!

Ella Wiederhold 2nd

Ella is an all virtual student and has done an amazing job with all of her itslearning assignments! Her work is always done and done well. I can really tell she takes her time and puts forth her best effort. I also enjoy seeing her smiling face at all of our GoToMeetings. Way to go Ella! You make me proud!

Niyah Allen 2nd

Niyah is such a responsible second grader! She makes sure to ask questions if she does not understand something and even stays longer during our meetings if she needs something explained further. She is an active participant in all of our meetings and I know I can always count on her to have her hand up to contribute to our class discussions. I really enjoy having you in our class Niyah!

Evan Nilson 6th

Helped Ms. Mattingly and Mrs. Kijek in fixing the sound issue for math! Thank you for going above and beyond!

Kristal Ivan 3rd

Kristal has been doing an outstanding job attending all of our GoToMeetings and completing her assignments on time. She is a hard worker and always has a positive attitude. Way to go Kristal!

Brett Dave 3rd

Brett is a very responsible third grader! He attends all of our GoToMeetings and gets his work turned in on time. Brett participates in our daily lessons and demonstrates good manners. Keep up the great work Brett!

Audrey DePape 1st

Audrey is such a sweetheart. Whether she is in class or on a virtual meeting she works hard and participates. I am so proud of you Audrey!

Steven Eisele 1st

Steven is always on time to our meetings and works hard. Keep up the wonderful work!

Avery Speer 1st

Avery is always ready to learn when she is in person and online. I love her sweet smile and excitement about math! She is so kind to her classmates and always does her best! Keep up the great job Avery! :)

DJ Popovski 4th

Thank you for always being responsible and getting your work turned in on time. I love that you are always prepared for our F2F meetings. Your positive attitude makes my day. You're a rockstar! Keep it up!

Gianna Gino 4th

Gianna is a super responsible 4th grader! She always participates in our GoToMeetings and turns her work in on time. Her sweet smile and positive attitude make my day. You are a superstar! Keep it up!

Alec Kujawski 2nd

Alec is doing a great job reading books on MyON! I'm proud of you and keep it up! :)

Gabrielle Voikos 2nd

Gabrielle has recently started attending a small group F2F day and she lights up the classroom with her shining personality and her positive attitude! Thank you for bringing a smile to our (masked) faces! :)

Lauren Krajewski 6th

Lauren always has such a positive attitude and a smile on her face. And even though she is a virtual Seahawk, she loves to share stories and be actively involved in our meetings. It's like she is right here at Salk. She's makes me so proud to be her teacher!

Randy Blackwell 1st

Randy is always listening and participating in our GoToMeetings. Great job knowing all your sight words when we played the PickUp Sight Word Game!

Madison Imbrunonev 1st

Madison is very attentive during our GTM's and is a good participant. She just loves coming to school on her day and expresses it every time I see her! She makes my day!

Aiden Schneider KDG

Aiden brings a smile to school each day and he has a positive attitude towards learning. He always tries his best even when faced with a difficult task. Keep smiling Aiden and keep choosing a positive mindset.

Lucas Kwiatkowski KDG

Lucas takes his time when coloring and writing to make sure that he is turning in quality work. He strives to do his best in school. Keep up the good work!

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Lunch Aides Needed at Salk!

Lunch aides are needed from M-F at Salk beginning November 30th. These are paid positions, and applicants must be capable of going outside in temperatures above 10 degrees. Interested candidates should contact Mrs. Skladanowski at (586)439-6800 and complete an application HERE. We look forward to hearing from you!

Candidates should be able to:

  • Observe and supervise students during assigned work period.
  • Maintain order and be aware of student safety and well-being, including supervising social distancing, handwashing, and sanitation procedures as needed.
  • Wear a mask over nose and mouth when on duty.
  • Supervise indoor activities in case of inclement weather.
  • Report accidents or injuries or other problems to building principal.
  • Assist students with clothing and lunches as needed.
  • Maintain standards of conduct expected by the School District when students are eating their lunch or playing on the playground
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Fraser Public Safety Coat Drive

In addition to taking donations, Fraser Public Safety will also be helping our community families who may need coats. Please reach out to our office staff if you could use help getting your children coats or other winter gear this year.

Technology Support

Need help with your technology? Please take a look here on the Salk Website for the District Tech Form and other valuable resources.

Upcoming Events

10/28/20 - Jonas Salk's Birthday

11/3/20 - Election Day - NO STUDENTS - DPPD for Staff

11/19/20 - Last day for Small Group Cohorts

11/25-11/27/20 - Thanksgiving Break

PeachJar Flyers - Access all the latest flyers of upcoming events on our website.

Important Information from the Salk Office

Important Contact Information:

Main Office Phone: 586-439-6800

Absentee Phone Line: 586-439-6890

24 hour recorded line, please leave your child's reason for absence and length of time out. Absences reported to this line, ensure most timely and accurate record.

Fax: 586-439-6801

Salk Principal: Mrs. Kristi Skladanowski


School Administrative Assistant: Mrs. Amanda McKernan


Building Hours - 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

School Hours: 8:35 am – 3:30 pm (Small Group 8:35 am -12:00 pm)
First Bell
: 8:30 am
Instructional Bell: 8:35 am
Students must be in class by 8:35 am or they are marked tardy.

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