Order Of Operations


What is PEMDAS?

PEMDAS is also known as order of operations is the steps in which you take to correctly solve a mathematic scenario involving more than one mathmatic operation.



Multiplication (left to right)



Subtraction (left to right)

A way to remember pemdas is provided.

How to use Order Of Operations

Here is an example of order of operations in action.

100- (3x4)5/2









The first step to correctly solving this problem is Parenthesis. Three times four is twelve. Rewritting the problem will prevent confusion. Exponents is the next step in solving the problem. There are no exponents so you just move on to the next step. Then Multiplication and Division from left to right. Twelve times five is sixty. Sixty divided by two is thirty. The final step is Addition and Subtraction. One hundred minus thirty is seventy. your final answer is seventy. If you want to double check your answer, run through the steps again and make sure all work is done correctly.

STAAR LEVEL QUESTION 3 (5.5 + 9.5)squared + -22


Parenthesis comes first, so I add 5.5 and 9.5 and get a sum of 15. There is an exponent of 2 so I multiply 15 by 15 and get a product of 225. Then multiplication which is three times 225, getting a product of 675. Then -22 is added to 675 which is 653. 653 is the final answer.

I hope this helped with any questions you had about order of operations.