preschool December Newsletter


Themes: Home and Weather

We will continue with our “home” theme throughout December.

We will discuss the different types of homes we live in (building-

apartment or house). We will discuss how to carry out our

household routines and chores. We will learn about the different

rooms we have at home such as the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom,

and living room.

We will later introduce the “weather” theme after the

winter break .

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Events of the month of December

Thursday December 3 - Fun Fair for EC

Tuesday, December 15 - Winter Break Starts for EC

Fun activity!

Check the following websites for fun activities: : water cycle - Animation lesson for kids.

Here's how you can help!

Starting January create a weather chart for each day of the

month, chart the weather. Was it sunny, rainy, cold, or warm. Ask

your child for as many descriptive words as they can think of about

weather on that day.

we wish you all a Happy and Relaxing winter break and a prosperous New year!