Spring Newsletter

Ms. Brokenshire's Grade 3 Class

Spring Happenings

This month we have been practicing skills and deepening our understanding of the many concepts we've been working on throughout the school year.

In math, most of the students have become adept at manipulating numbers in their heads, so addition and subtraction have become more fluid processes, and we are increasingly able to solve complex word problems mentally. We have also been working on multiplication and division, again with a focus on the process of the concepts rather than on merely memorizing facts. To support our understanding of these reciprocal ideas, we have been using concrete models, sketching diagrams, and writing related number sentences. We will continue to practice all four number operations for the remainder of the year.

With a number of independent reading comprehension strategies in place, we are now able to work with small group book clubs for the rest of Grade 3. Students independently read a chapter book and complete a written task based on their role for the assigned chapters. A couple of times a week, each group meets to discuss their reading, with me joining in as a facilitator. It has been exciting to see my role move from discussion leader, to guide, and often now to quiet observer as the students have become more independent in their ability to work in their own book club groups.

We spent the month of April learning about services and leadership in communities, and the impact they have on our quality of life. Students are now moving into the project phase of this social studies/science integrated unit, where they will show what they know about communities and about construction and design by building a model community. Many of the students have been busy collecting items they decided they want to use in their construction projects, and we are now ready to begin building in class. Each child made a list of things they thought they could find or purchase inexpensively, so if your child has not yet discussed this with you, please ask him/her about it.

Please click the link below to see a video of students collaborating to plan their communities...

Swimming Lessons

Our class begins swimming lessons next Tuesday, May 10. We will swim daily from 1:00-2:00 for the rest of that week, plus the following Monday, May 16. Please ensure your child has a swimsuit and towel at school each day. Students are welcome to hang their suit and towel on their hooks in the classroom to dry overnight.

Upcoming Dates

Wed. May 4: "Hats On" day in support of mental health. (Wear a hat in school!)

Thurs. May 5: Wear "green" day; again for Mental Health Awareness Week

Fri. May 6: Staff Collaboration Day (no school)

Tues. May 10-Fri. May 13 AND Mon. May 16: Swimming lessons

Fri. May 13: Family Dance (6-8 pm)

Wed. May 18: Special snack (strawberry parfait)

Fri. May 20: Staff Collaboration Day (no school)

Mon. May 23: Victoria Day (no school)

Tues. May 24: Staff earned day off (no school)

Wed. May 25: Assembly @ 2:20

Thurs. May 26: Hot lunch (BBQ beef)