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This weeks Awesome Tech Tips video is once again addressing web browsers. If you are an avid user of Internet Explorer and find that you have problems with Eduphoria, you might find this video helpful.

IE Compatibility Mode

3 Simple Ways To Start Using Smartphones in the Classroom

Do you struggle with ways that students can use phones in the classroom? This short article provides some tips to help you utilize students devices in your class.

3 Simple Ways To Start Using Smartphones in the Classroom

Below are some tools and resources that can be used in reference to the linked article:


Social Networking~

Playing Games~

YouTube in the Classroom

Last week the district opened YouTube for all high school students. This is a huge step for high schools which may excite some and scare others. YouTube, just like any other new resource can bring about some challenges, but if used properly can prove to be a powerful tool for you and your students in class. Listed below are some tips that might assist you when using the tool with students.

Classroom management:
  • Ensure that all students who are using a computer are logging on using their student username and password. This will allow users to be tracked if there is a problem.
  • Remind students that they are on the district's network and computers. Although YouTube has been opened, they need to use this responsibly while at school. If the video is not appropriate to be shared with the principal, teacher, their mother, grandmother, etc. then they shouldn't have it open at school.
  • LANSchool is a classroom management and monitoring system that can be installed on your classroom computers and/or the laptop carts to help you manage on task behavior during class. If interested in this program, please contact Matt Park, Bobby Blackwell, or Rebekka Gabino to provide you more information.
  • Search ahead for resources of time to assist with time management within the classroom time.

Ways to incorporate YouTube into the classroom:

  • Create class channels to share instructional videos or provide hosting for student created class videos.
  • Tutorial links
  • Compare and contrast videos
  • Create video quizzes with Web 2.0 tools such as Blubbr
  • Flipped classroom video hosting
  • Analyze a video and host a class discussion on YouTube

Linked presentation from Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Reminder~ Students should be logging in with their unique student user names and passwords. Tutorials are available for you through the Dobie Technology website.

Benefits of using student logins and the web portal:

  • Each individual student has access to their own network folder that they can save material in.
  • Students can access their network folders 24/7 through the district web portal.
  • Teachers can set up course share folders that allow for students to view shared files from a teacher. In addition students can submit work and teachers can grade the work electronically.
  • The web portal provides a single sign-on for many district applications that are used by students such as Edmodo and Edgenuity.
  • More privileges can be granted and/or restricted with individual users.

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