Ancient Egypt

The nile

The civilization in the sand

Ancient egypt was a very comlex and vast civilization that created many of the things we use today. And one of the most famous parts were the nile river. It is the worlds largest river and is 4135 FT long.


Daily life

Egypts way of life is a lot different then what we thing today as daily life. They had homes made of mud and molded bricks. Also they used a plant called papyrus plant to make crafts like rope and baskets.


Transportation and trade

The Nile was like a highway for Egypt and some boats were also made from papyrus. Egypt was the wealthiest country od the ancient world. Also wooden barge and funeral boats were made from papyrus.


Calendars and farming

The egyptians had an entire year of farming divided into 3 seasons of indudation, emergence, and harvest. Flooding was gentle and not severe to the point to where it help water the crops. There crops were consisting of barley, emmer wheat, onions, garlic, leeks beans, lentis, lettuce, melons, dates, figs, and pomegranets.