Life of a Insect & a Reptile

(Praying Mantis & Bearded Dragons)


- Organ System

  • Bearded Dragons & Praying Mantis organ system is that they both have to have climates that are at least between 70-90 degrees, and their environment needs to be a temperate climate. Finally, they both are mostly found in deserts, woods, rainforest, scrublands, and other temperate areas.

- Biotic & Abiotic needs

  • Bearded dragon (biotic needs): Insects,plants, and other small reptiles.

  • Bearded dragon (abiotic needs): Sunlight or heat,environment,water,sodium,rain,air.

  • Praying Mantis (biotic needs): Trees,plants,animals,insects and weeds.

  • Praying Mantis (abiotic needs): Soil,light,sodium,water,rain,air,inclimate weather.

- Cell Reproduction

  • Both Praying Mantis & Bearded dragons have multi cellular organisms that can reproduce by mitosis.

- Levels of Organizations

  • Both Bearded dragons & praying Mantis has Cells that work in groups to form tissues, and then a group of tissues work together to form organs then a group of organs work together and make an organ system finally, a organ system gets a group and makes organisms.

- Herbivore, Carnivore, Omnivore

  • Both Praying Mantis & Bearded dragons are Carnivores because they both eat meat and plants.