September 25, 2014

Welcome Back!

We are now at week seven and I am sure several of you are ready to learn how to use eClass for assessments. This week's Tech Tip of the week presents an edited version of our first Y'all Come help session that we had on September 15th covering how to create quizzes in eClass. Since the hands on training session wound up being 45 minutes long this weeks video is longer than usual. Additionally, creating quizzes takes several steps, so after watching this video please find any one of our content developers and schedule a time for them to walk you through creating your first quiz.


  • Leslie Retchko - Math
  • Jeff Frye - Math
  • Allison Davis - Science
  • Danielle Malcom - Science
  • Joe Paul - Social Studies
  • Denton Elkins - Social Studies
  • Marcus Sudderth - Electives
  • Megan Ryall - Language Arts

What is a Flipped Classroom?

As technology begins to develop a place in education several new buzz words have come up. One of those buzz words that has come up a lot lately is flipped classroom. The picture to the left is a twitter post from Dacula High School highlighting one of their teachers filming her flipped classroom lesson.

For information and statistics from high schools and colleges implementing the flipped classroom approach click on the link below.

Flipped Classroom Info-graphic

The picture appears small when you first click on the above link, simply click on the picture in order to enlarge it enough to be able to read it.

Tech Tip of the Week

Classroom Assessment

What Should Our Next Tech Tip of the Week Cover?

Please complete the survey below in order for the blended learning department to best suit your needs. Several of you are beginning to feel comfortable in eClass and we would like to continue supporting you through the use of our Tech Tip of the Week. By filling out the survey below we can develop videos that target specific things you are trying to accomplish in your eClass Course Page.

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