By:Margaret,Anne Elise, Storie, Caoilinn.

We make the best pompoms and friend ship pins ever!

We sell all diffrent colored pompoms. We sell mini pom poms that you put in your pig tails and they only cost four dollars! You can use them for... hair, backpack, bracalets, shoe decorations. cheer leading, suit case, and your ameracain girl dolls!! We sell friend ship pins that only cost 1 dollar each!! Their are ones with words, anichals, and just regular beads.

We are the friend ship frizzes!

You get to give your friend ship pin to your friend and they wair it any where so it's a little gift from your friend.

The pom poms are 4$ and the pins are 1$

Please come to our shop!!

We are selling them at room 107