New Carlisle Elementary News

September 2020


September 7 - No School

September 9 - 2 Hour Delay

September 18 - No School - Teacher Inservice

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Distant Learning

Tecumseh Local Schools is currently doing Distant Learning with all our students. We will be reassessing the situation in October. We are all learning how to navigate this situation. Please be patient with your student, teachers and school as we work out the kinks. It helps to be positive with your child as we are moving through uncharted territory. A few things to help:

  • Make a work space for your child.
  • Have supplies ready for them in their work space.
  • Have them log onto their class Google Meets daily.
  • Make sure they do their assignments daily to not get behind.
  • If you are unable to make the Google Meet they need to watch the recording of the meet.
  • Encourage them to be engaged in the class conversations and have their camera on so the teacher can see them.
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Meet and Greets

NCES Meet and Greets went very well. It was great to see many parents and students that are ready to get back to school. They were here to learn what this year is going to look like and how they can help their child at home. Thank you parents for coming and being so involved in your child's education. Remember, it takes a village and we are that village and we are all in this together.

New Staff

Ms. Dye, Mrs. Bockelman and Mrs. Johnson

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Mrs. Hoover

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When Calling the NCES Office

Our staff is working diligently everyday to help your child get on the computer, work through problems, learn the routine and have fun learning this new way. If you call with a questions, they will get back with you within 24 hours. Keep in mind during the day the teachers are meeting with their whole class groups, smaller groups and are planning, grading and making lessons. If you have questions for the teachers the best way to reach them is to email them. During the day if you call the office we can also send you to the voicemail . Then the teacher will return your call when they can.

If you are calling and have a technology questions or a Google Classroom question our office staff will be available to assist. If you have a problem with your device and you think it may be broken, please contact our Resource Department at 937-845-4485.

Tecumseh Education Connection

The Education Connection is a telephone number that you can call 24-hours a day to listen to your child’s homework assignments, report your child’s absence, hear the lunch menu, find out the scores of the big game, hear about school closings and leave a private message for a staff member.

You will still need to call your child in if they are not going to be attending the live meets with their teachers. Just like if we were in school. We will still need to document attendance.

Please use the TEC number for:

  • Calling your child in sick.
  • Leave a voicemail with questions.
  • 937-845-4483

Coming Soon . . .

Positive Referrals

The students at NCES are able to receive positive referrals from staff for going above and beyond. We are so proud of our students who have earned positive referrals during the month.

When students receive a positive referral their photo is taken, the receive a bracelet, candy or a pencil. Additionally, students receiving positive referrals are honored as we hang their photo in the hallway of each student receiving a positive office referral and these students are also honored on our morning announcements which can be viewed on our Youtube channel, and their pictures scroll on the TV in the office. It is really exciting for our students.

Recognized for 2nd Grade:

Recognized for 3rd Grade:

Recognized for 4th Grade:

Recognized for 5th Grade:

WAY TO GO KIDS!!!! You are the good example for others! Keep it up the great work.

Breakfast / Lunch

Tecumseh Local School App

We have a NEW district app. We are no longer using Remind. Please take a minute and download the App to your phone. This will help you with being connected to what is going on in our district. Thank you.


NCES has an Instagram account. Please follow us to see the fun and educational happenings at New Carlisle Elementary School. Tell your friends and family to join us too. I try to post pictures almost daily.


New Carlisle Elementary has a Twitter page. Feel free to join @ArrowsNces, to see what is going on at NCES.

PTO We Need You!

PTO We Need You!

We will be holding a Tecumseh Elementary PTO meeting on Monday, October 5 , at 7:00 pm.

PTO has their own Remind page. On your phone Type: @tecelempto in the message space, put 81010 where the number goes, and join. If you have questions please call our office at 845-4480.

Child Nutrition News

Breakfast is no longer free. If you are free / reduced breakfast will be too. If you are not the price for breakfast is $1.75.

Children are able to charge 3 times. After the 4th charge students will be given a bologna/cheese sandwich and carton of milk.

EZpay is a system that allows you to add money to your child's account without sending money to school. Setup is simple. On EZ pay you are also able to control what your child purchases and set limits to what they can purchase. This comes in really handy. If you need assistance please contact the nutrition department at 845-4519.

EZpay will allow you to receive an email alerting you how much money is in your child's lunch account. This feature can be setup in the EZpay system.

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Arrival and Dismissal at NCES

Arrival - Please drop off all students at the front door by 7:50 to make a shuttle bus. Students are not able to enter the building prior to 7:45.

Dismissal - We encourage all students to be picked up using the curb lane. This is a safety concern for our students. This way you do not have to get out of your car, students can enter the car right from the curb and there is no need for kids crossing into the parking lot. It is also helpful when the weather is bad.

You are welcome to park your car and walk to the doors or to the light pole at the end of the cross walk. Your student will get crossed to you safely at the light pole. From there you will be able to walk your child safely to your car. WE DO NOT LET STUDENTS WALK ACROSS THE PARKING LOT ON THEIR OWN.

Thank you for your cooperation. Our students safety is our highest concern.

We are still collecting . . .

Plastic Caps

We are collecting bottle caps again this year. Thank you for those of you that have brought them in already. NCES along with Tecumseh Local Schools is continuing to collect the caps from plastic bottles. These caps are being collected and recycled into benches that we can put at our schools. We are using this incentive to teach our students and community to reduce, reuse, recycle. We recently sent a big box truck off to recycle with 2,000 pounds of caps! NCES received our 2 NEW recycled benches. They are located out front of the school and are used a lot during dismissal. Way to go TLS!

Pop Tabs

New Carlisle Elementary is continuing a school-wide collection of pop tabs. If you drink pop at home and would send the tabs in with your child we would greatly appreciate them. We also would accept dog/cat food tabs and canned food tabs. Thank you for helping with this cause. The children are really excited to help out.

Boxtops for Education

Please continue to send in Boxtops for Education. We use these funds to help buy items for the children to help support their activities that take place here at NCES. Please keep saving and sending the Boxtops and Campbell’s label proofs into school as you collect them.