Birthing options

Different options to giving birth

Who am I?

My name is Devona Sanders, I am a sophomore attending F.L Schlagle Highschool. I was born in Texas and raised in Kck. My favorite subject is math. I love to travel places, and i also enjoy spending time with my family. When I get out of highschool i plan to go to college at Ku and get involved in their medical field. The career i would like to get involved in is midwifery which would involve going to another school after i get out of college.

Essential Question

My essential question is what are the different options when giving birth and what are the benefits and risks of each option.

I choose this question is because i would like to become a midwife or a nurse one day and would like to know the difference. I also choose this because I would like to know the different options in case I have children one day and i would want the best option to giving birth.

What I already know, what i want to know

I know that a midwife is a nurse in charge of giving birth. And there are different types of midwifes. Midwifes can help with hospital birth but the nurse and midwifes have different training.

I would like to know about the different training that nurses and midwifes have. Also how many people prefer hospital birth, having a home birth with or without a midwife. What are the benefits of having a midwife and not having one.The term midwifes come form an old english saying meaning with woman.

What you should get out of this blog

This blog is supposed to help parents who are pregnant and don't know what option they should choose when going through the process of giving birth. This blog can be for single moms about to have their first child or another child. In my opinion i think midwifes are the best options because they help guide you through your whole pregnancy process.

My process

The informations i have gathered is based on my opinion. I think the best options when giving birth is a midwife. I also did allot of research on the percentage of people that would rather have a midwife then those who wouldn't. While doing research i found out that the people who have a midwife are the whose who have a less stress less when giving birth.
The benefits of hiring midwives
This video tells a story about how a new mother choose a midwife because she was new at motherhood.

Further Steps

I plan to research more on how midwifes can affect how people birthing process with go rather then people who dont have one. Im not saying that midwifes are the best option for everyone but it is good too look into it. Everyone has their own opinion about midwifes, not every thinks that midwifes the best options. Weither you get a midwife or not you will still have a good chance of having the baby.

My reflection

I learned that midwifes are not for everyone. Most people would not want to have a midwife because they just want to have the baby and be done. Some people dont want to be rushed when having the baby. In my opinion i would have a midwife because i wouldn't want to be rushed when having a baby i would want to take my time. This is beneficial to me because it would have my achieve my dream/ goal to become a midwife and help those mothers i need.