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You're invited

Hello this is an invatation to the meeting at the life is sweet factory. What we will be doing is taking a tour of the factory, and we would talk about the contest , and who has the best candy,

We will have plans about how the contest will run how we will set everything up. Please make sure you RSPV to the number below


Date- 7-21-15

phone number- (972)-384-3347


Address- Candy cloud street the front of the factory

zip code 75056

From- Candymaker

The walk the talk with Aria

This is the talk with Aria. we have a special guest today, Are special guest is Lonnie, I will ask him questions and he will anwser.

Aria- What did you think about miss Edna?

Lonnie - She always tolded me to be quiet but she was a nice lady, she gave me a roof over my head and feed me she was like my mother, she cared for me.

Aria-How would you summarize Lilli ?

Lonnie- I would summarize my little sister as a sweet little kind girl who cared for all.

Aira- How would you summarize the fire?

Lonnie- I would summarize the fire as the worst thing in my life. It took my parents and my sister away from me.

Aria-What would happen if the fire never happened?

Lonnie- Well I would still have my sister my parents and did't have to go through all that pain.

Aria- What is the relationship with miss Edan's son and yourself?

Lonnie- He was like my brother, he helped me not miss my family, and help my remember the truth.

Aria- what was the result of the fire?

Lonnie-I lost my family and had a lot of pain, and I was very depressed but i never would of meet ms. Edan and her sun.

Aria- What are some of the reasons that Lilli has a foster home?

Lonnie- Well we did't have any parents and they did't want a boy.

Aria- What does foster care mean?

Lonnie-It means when you don't have parents, you go to a home were many children are and you can get adopted.

Aria- What would happen if you did't meet ms. Edan ?

Loonie- Well I would't be the person I am today, And i would of never meet her son.

Aria- What was you'r relationship with Ms. Marcus?

Lonnie-She was my teacher she was a great one, she always expired me to show my poems.