Short Term and Working Memory

March 18, 2016

All Module 6 work is due by 5:00pm today including the 2nd attempt on your test. Any work not turned in by 5:00pm will become a 0. The end of the grading period is today!

March 22 Module 7 is due and Test!

Tasks of the Day

#1. Begin lesson 2 by reviewing the notes on Retrieving Information. Review the information in the presentation. Once you have completed the presentation, check the button to the right of the lesson link. That will open the practice activities and the assignments and quizzes for the lesson.

#2. Complete the Retrieving Information practice forum. In this forum you will explain the difference between recognition and recall and answer one focus question.

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Serial Position Effect and Chunking

Serial Position Effect

  • People tend to remember the first few and last few items they are presented
  • Primary effect - increase likely hood of remembering the first few words
  • Recency effect - increase likely hood of remembering the last few words

  • Breaking things up into smaller groups to help you remember better
  • Smaller units make it easer to remember ex. Phone number and social security number follows _ _ _ - _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ pattern to help you remember
  • George A Miller developed the idea of The Magical Number 7 Plus or Minus 2; meaning that is the number of items most people can remember
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