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October 4, 2019 - Week 8

Bike Rack Safety

We have had some issues with vandalism at our bike racks. When it was reported we worked with our nee police liaison officer to increase supervision in that area, but our supervision is "spot-checking"- not full-time supervision. When we have noticed students in that area, we have moved them out, but we don't have any suspects for the damage. Also, we don't have cameras outside of our building to monitor bike racks.

We are going to move the bike racks to the front of the school where we have more consistent supervision and can monitor that area more effectively. We will continue to have our police liaison officer monitor that area, and we will increase communication to students about staying away from the bike racks if they do not have a bike there.

For any students who are caught vandalizing bikes, we will work with the St. Charles Police Department to deal with the issue through restitution and tickets.

Re-Teaching Cafeteria Skills

It is the time of year when we start to do some re-teaching of skills where we find groups of students or individuals need some reinforcement. During the next week, we will start doing some re-teaching of our expectations in the cafeteria. Our 6th-grade group is showing good decision making for the most part, but our 7th and 8th-graders need to work on some skills. Some negative behaviors we see include:

  • Throwing food
  • Making an intentional mess on the table or floor
  • Swearing, including directly to our lunch supervisors
  • Refusing to follow the directions of the lunch supervisors
  • Not following expectations while outside

Each of the assistant principals will meet with their grade level students at the start of lunch to reinforce our expectations. We know that our students have the ability to act appropriately; we just need to reinforce the skills.

If your child cannot act appropriately in the cafeteria, some consequences may include:

  • Ongoing re-teaching of skills
  • Lunch detentions
  • Building supervised study
  • Parent support in the cafeteria (lunch with a parent to reinforce skills)
  • Suspension (for extreme or chronic issues or students who are abusive to adult supervisors)
  • Or other consequences that may be determined by administration

We work with our lunch supervisors on how to politely request that students follow expectations as well as how to de-escalate issues. We have a strong group of supervisors who enjoy working with our students and are effective at supporting our students in the cafeteria.

Please take the time to reinforce our cafeteria expectations with your RedHawk so that all students can have a calm and relaxing lunch.

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We received a GREAT BIG thank you from Lakewood School in Carpentersville for their Scholastic Book reading program. Because of generous donations from dozens of WMS families, we got almost 1300 books into the hands of kids who normally can't afford books.

Thank you, RedHawk families!

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Wredling Middle School pictures are currently not available to view online. Once the prepaid picture packages are delivered to the school (approximately 2½ - 3½ weeks after picture day), your child(ren) will receive a '2nd Chance' flyer that will have the following information printed on it:

A preview of their picture
Their unique ticket code
The website you will visit to place an order (https://orders.colorportraits.com/login.php)

The ticket code(s) will give you access to view and order your child(ren)'s pictures online by visiting the website listed above.

For more information on this topic please visit www.cphelpcenter.com click on "Late Orders or Additional Orders".

NOTE: PICTURE RETAKES are scheduled for THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24th for those of you who missed pictures or need a retake.
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SEL - Social Emotional Learning

We will regularly feature our Social Emotional Learning information in our Friday Forecast.
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This week we visit the Core Competencies of Social Awareness.

Remember: Social and emotional learning (SEL) enhances students’ capacity to integrate skills, attitudes, and behaviors to deal effectively and ethically with daily tasks and challenges. There are five core competencies that can be taught in many ways across many settings.

The ability to take the perspective of and empathize with others, including those from diverse backgrounds and cultures. The ability to understand social and ethical norms for behavior and to recognize family, school, and community resources and supports.

  • Perspective-taking

  • Empathy

  • Appreciating diversity

  • Respect for others

Here is a Video link for an overview.

Social Awareness

Veterans Day Recogntion

Builders Club would like to decorate the main foyer of Wredling Middle School honoring our Veterans. Please fill out the following form to help us identify and honor your Veteran. We are cutting out stars and putting the name of your Veteran, Military Branch and Years Served on the star. Thank you for joining us in honoring those who have served.



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7th-Basketball Boys Basketball

There will be a brief informational meeting Wednesday, Oct. 9 at 8:10 a.m. in the main gym for any 7th-grade boys interested in playing basketball. If you cannot attend the meeting please see Coach Kohler or Coach Masoncup.
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October 30, 2019

Digital Citizenship
Thompson Middle School Cafeteria
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