House designing

By Olivia C 3D

Most house designs are nice but some aren't.

People that live in houses have different tastes of design. Some people like boring houses some people like nice houses so when a family comes across a really ugly house those people could either renovate the house or ignore it but if that family likes that house they can stay in it. If I was to chose a house to live in I would chose a really bright coloured house for the outside and add a few brightly coloured decorations to stick on the walls or on a table. For a girls room, on one of their walls, put a small splash of their favourite colour but if their favourite colour is black then put a small splash of either pink, purple or aqua blue and maybe put some of their posters up on the coloured wall because it looks really nice. On the lawn in your backyard stick a clothes line into the grass and hang a swing onto a nearby tree for your kids. I am not a house designer but I like giving advice to people looking for a new house that can look nice so everyone can have nice houses to live in.