long way gone infogragh

by: Ishmael beah

internal conflict

Ishmael has been faced with many conflicts one is fear and it is fear of his family not being alive and the people killing his parents

important vocabulary words

1: i vomited and immediately felt feverish (Beah 23)

2: i had nothing to carry, so i filled my pockets with oranges, tried the laces of my tattered crapes, and i was ready to go .(Beah46)


We were in the middle of the grassland walking in single file, our shirts on our shoulders or heads, when suddenly three rebels rose from behind the dries grasses and pointed their guns at Gabrilla who was in the front.(Beah31)
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Man V.S. Man

Ishmael is facing the rebels and is trying to survive the rebels

Man V.S. Self

Ishmael is facing his own emotions and the feeling of wanting his family to be alive

historical connection to past

the historical connection to this book is recently the same almost thing happed in south africa and the local people where put into slavery