Piney Woods

Melanie T. 4th Period 11/30/15


You can go to the caldwell zoo,the texas state railroad,the discovery science place,you can go to hiking trails,and you can swim in lakes.

History Information

The native americans settled in east texas,and later french soldiers and missionaires settled in east texas too. The caddo lived here,they made pottery,farmed,and they traded. The caddo built big earth mounds for shelter. The caddo also fished and hunted. The caddo made pots and jars out of clay.

National and State parks

Atlanta State Park

Big Thicket National Preserve

Caddo Lake State Park

Livingston State Park

Daingerfield State Park

Tyler State Park

Huntsville State Park

Davy Crockett National Forest


The climate is damp and humid.

Historical Places

1.San Jacinto Battleground Site

2.Mission Tejas State Park

3.Edgewood Heritage Historical Village

4.Consquistado Exhibit Story of Texas Museum

5.Rice Family Log Home


1.Lake Livingston

2.Caddo Lake

3.Lake Nacogdoches

4.Houston Country Lake

5.Toledo Bend Reservoir

6.Lake Conroe

7.Lake Palestine

Sight Seeing

For sight seeing you can go to,

1.Gaston Museum

2.Rose Garden Center

3.Cargill Long Park

4.Ellen Trout Zoo

5.Grace Creek Nature Area

6.Palestine Community Forest


Long leaf

Short leaf

Loblolly Pines

Blue Jack

Post Oaks

Black Tupelos

Yaupon Holly

Southern Sugar Maple Tree

American Elm Tree

Water Lilies


Red Cockaded Bird

Louisiana Pinesnake

Paddle Fish

Eastern Cottontail Rabbit

Eastern Gray Squirrel


White Tailed Deer

North American Cougars

Gray Foxes



Seminole bat

Praire King Snakes

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