Being a Chiropractor

Brandin Sidebottom

Occupation and Description

Certifications Necessary to Practice

Some may require a masters degree. And some may require a Ph.D, M.D., J.D.. But most chiropractic jobs require a doctoral degree.

Daily Activities: Nature of the Work

- Assisting and caring for others: providing personal assistance, medical attention

- Documenting/Recording information

- Repairing and maintaining mechanical and electronic equipment

Education Requirements

Requires graduate school and most need a doctoral degree

Payday- What is average income?

As of 2013 the average income was $31.40 hourly and $65,300 annually

What skills are necessary to be successful in this profession?

  • Active listening
  • Critical thinking
  • Speaking and writing
  • judgement and decision making
  • science
  • time management
  • coordination
  • math

Practice Settings: Where would you work?

Where you would work depends on the skills and abilities that you would need to acquire in order to actually become a chiropractor. For example you could be a librarian for awhile or a sports med physician. It all just depends on what you need.

3 Fun Facts

  1. "Being a chiropractor can be physically demanding and there are times when performing an adjustment requires you to throw your back into it. Unfortunately, chiropractors aren’t immune to throwing their back out."
  2. "One of the most successful chiropractors was blind."
  3. "Don't let your untrained friend adjust you. In 2001, a man in India developed severe spinal cord and brainstem problems after receiving an adjustment from a barber."