Cognitive Science in Practice

Using research-informed learning strategies for impact

A Fully Supported Collaborative Project for schools & clusters in Wales

We are offering an amazing opportunity to a select number of schools to work directly with Dr Carolina Kuepper-Tetzel 'aka' @pimpmymemory. You will have the opportunity to use learning strategies supported by cognitive science with your pupils for maximum impact. This is a fully supported collaborative project specifically for clusters of schools who have common priorities.

Research shows the most effective professional learning takes place over at least 2 terms, involves collaboration with colleagues and has multiple inputs from both experts and coaches. This support package has been designed specifically to address all of these elements.

Support for teachers to understand and trial learning strategies supported by cognitive science in their schools for maximum impact on pupil outcomes

Number of school packages available: 8

Timing: Autumn & Spring 2018/19

Cost per package: £450

Please note: Places are already limited RSVP early to secure your place!

Each school package permits up to 3 delegates to attend the sessions. Multiple packages may be purchased by one school, cluster or partnership. Delegates can be from the same school, cluster or partnership. All delegates will receive an evaluative report of all trials undertaken during the project informed by participants responses.

Session One (to be completed prior to the project)

· pre-reading

· identification of key information to support school trials

· cognitive science tasks

Session Two - morning session

The Cognitive Science of Memory & Learning Dr Carolina Kuepper-Tetzel

· In depth discussion of retrieval practice, dual coding & spaced learning

· Practical activities, potential barriers, opportunities

· Translation of cognitive science research into classroom activities

Session Three - afternoon session

Creating a relevant, workable in school trial

· Identifying key strategies & applications

· Designing impact measurement tools

· How to manage potential risks and barriers

Session 5 - progress support session - half day

Renewed input to discuss and analyse progress so far

(Must be attended by at least 1 member of each school package)

Session 6 - Evaluation support session - half day

Analysis of the project for each school to inform an evaluative report of all projects written by Impact Wales and provided for all participants of the project

  • discussion of pre & post test data
  • Impact of trial
  • Next steps

Impact Wales will facilitate and coordinate all aspects of the project for all participants.

Cognitive Science in Practice

Monday, Sep. 3rd, 9:30am

Van Road


To reserve your place, complete an RSVP and we will send you full booking details via email.

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