Pack 94

May / June Newsletter:


Hello all -
We are looking for help to recruit Kindergartners moving into 1st grade for a new Tiger Den. Also anyone else interested in scouts. Please spread the word.
  • I have a flyer if you'd like to email friends.
  • If someone puts down your name, We'll deduct $ from membership.

June 6th - End of year BBQ

@ Winkler Park 12-3pm
Located off Greenwich Banksville Road. Two deco turf tennis courts, basketball court and gazebo.
• Pack provides Hot Dogs to be grilled, lemoande, chips.
• Please bring a side dish or desert of any kind
• There is a dock for fishing, Bring your equipment.
• HONOR COURT - Recognition, awards, Rank advancement ceremony.

Tenative Calendar 2015-16

Voted on at Parents meeting:

September - Sunday 20 or 27th - Kick off Event

Obstacle Course done by Boyscouts to help recruit new members.
Pay dues $100, plus $50 if not selling popcorn.

October 24 / 25th - Pumpkin carving at Westmoreland

OCTOBER - Thunderbird games TBD by District

Nov 7th - Scout Sleepover at Natural History Museum
Costs is $120. I have reserved 20 spaces now, can add as needed.

DEC - 18 / 19th TBD - Cake bake off

We are trying to get a truck AND trailer for next year

Feb - Do second overnight? If interested and can get a host.

March - Bowl-a-Ree- TBD by district

April - TBD Pinewood Derby
* This year we are mandating a 9-10am car check-in to help with registration. Will return at 2pm-ish for race.

May cross-over for WeBeLos 2

June: end year fishing derby / picnic / honor court