1.My disease was depression and its a disease that affects a lot of people.

2.It can cause sadness death or other serious problems.



1.Depression comes from a lot of stress or a loss in the family.

2.It can be a habit or something that just comes to you from a lot of work stress or nightmares.


1.It's a feeling of despondency and dejection.

2.It's a bad thing to go around but you can get around it easily if you try.

Tie in

Depression is a part in my book Jars of Glass. The family lost their mother and is just left with one brother one dad and two sisters. The father is in a bad state and starts to talk to himself. The oldest sister becomes goth and starts going to clubs with bad people. The young sister tries to make the older sister and the dad happy and tries to stop them from doing what their doing.