Marijuana Hurts

By: Aariz

What is Marijuana

Marijuana is made from the dried parts of the hemp plant cannabis. Marijuana looks like a green leaf that has many different variations/types of it. It falls under many categories being: depressant (calming, sleepy,) stimulant (raises blood pressure/heart rate), narcotic (pain relief), and a psychoactive psychedelic. On the street is not always referred to as marijuana. It is commonly known as Weed, Pot, or Dope.

You Control Yourself. Remember That

Short Term effects long term effects and other facts

Some short term effects of marijuana are: Sensory distortion, panicking, and anxiety. Now that the short term effects don't seem too bad they can harm you and the others around you. The long term effects are longer than the short term effects. Those effects are: Increase of abnormally structured cells in the body, reduced resistance to common illnesses such as colds, suppression of the immune system, and growth disorders. Marijuana is an illegal drug in many countries but is still used. Some countries including Canada are planning to make marijuana legal for medical purposes. Marijuana is the second most used mood altering drug used worldwide.