Jessenia Luna

Short-term goal

In less than 6 months i would like to pass all of my class in order to pass this middle school year.

My goal is just wanting to pass all of my classes and in order for me to pass the STAAR Test and getting into high school.

I think my goal is realistic.

Long-term goal for the next year

My goal for next year is starting to think about what career i would like to do.

9th grade is in high school and after high school comes college and before high school is over i have to start planning what college i am going to, what would i like to be when i am older....

My goal for next year is timely and trackable.

Long-term goal for 2020 and beyond (college/career)

My goal for 2020 is starting to think about going into college.

2020 is the year when all of the 9th graders are going to graduate and its that time to get into college.

This goal for 2020 is result focus.