"The Elephant and the Lion"

There was once a lion and a elephant. They were going to a local fair, even though their parents told them not to. "Mom, can I go to the fair with the Lion?" Asked the elephant. "No, its no safe at all. There are a lot of fights that happen there. Its also not safe to go alone." The elephant's mom said. "Oh fine." The elephant yelled. " The tiger also wanted to go to the fair, but his mom wouldn't let him go either. The 2 animals met up on the corner of Elms street. "My mom wouldn't let me go to the fair." Said the tiger. "Same. But I really do want to go." The elephant said. "Oh! I have an idea! We can still go to the fair! We just cant tell our parents that we went." The lion said. "That's a great idea! Lets do it!" The elephant said. The 2 animals decided to go to the fair, without their parents knowing. When they walked in, they understood why their parents said not to go. "This is scary!" The lion said. "Yeah, its a little dangerous." The elephant responded. They started to walk a little until they saw a monkey charging at them. "What do we do?" the lion asked. "I don't know!" The elephant yelled. The monkey then started to kick and punch them. "Ouch!" The elephant yelled. They both ended up with broken legs. "We should have listened to our parents." The lion said.

Theme- Always listen to your parents.
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