Locations Along The Nile RIver

By: Cynthia Bagley

Aswan Dam:

The Aswan dam was started in the 1960's through the 1970's. It was mainly built to help with the leackage of Floods and to protect Farmland. It runs along the side of the Nile River. It was built with Turbines and It does not Pollute the air. The Dam does decrease the population of fish.

Arid Landscape:

The Aswan Dam Is in Aswan, Egypt & it was constructed in the ealy 1960's late 1970's. Everything that you can look at or see at the Arid landscape is Deserts, Lots of Sand! Dead tree’s, & A couple of Houses. The name that the Aswan high dam is commonly called the High dam. Before the Aswan High dam Was built the Nile River would flood every year in the end of summer.

The Great Bend:

The great bend is named for its location at the historic big bend of te Arkansas River, Is the most populated city in and the country seat of BartonCounty, Kansas, United States. As of the 2010 census, The population was 15,995 people.

Cario, Egypt

Arabic is the capital of Egypt & the largest City in the Arab world & Africa. The City is 453 Km (175 Square miles.) 9,120,350 people live in the city & population density is 17,190/km (44,500/Square Miles.) With a population of 6.76 million spread over 453 square kilometers (175 square miles), Cairo is by far the largest city in Egypt.
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Cario, Egypt