5th Grade Literacy Update-2nd Block

March 17, 2015

Social Studies-Multicultural Education

5th graders are taking part in a school-wide Multicultural Fair for students. We were assigned Australia and Antarctica. So, this week during class, we are going to research and create some 3D objects that tell us about these two continents/countries. Be sure to ask your child what they are working on and what they have learned!

We will not do our small groups this week because of the aforementioned project.

Reading & Jotting

  • Please check that this is happening
    • continue reading 30+ pages per night and jotting
    • keep up with Book Club assignments (determined by group)

    • log ALL reading on www.biblionasium.com

    • HOMEWORK- Sequence wksht front/back was sent home Monday. It is due on Thursday this week. I have had to track a lot of homework down. Please check PowerSchool as all grades have been updated. If there is a missing assignment, another copy was given to your child on Monday.


    • taking notes on Australia, Antarctica, & Tasmania
    • writing a summary, using their notes, of things learned about the different countries
    • creating a project that is representative of one of those places (there are different projects)
    • please send in recyclable materials for the project