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December 14, 2015

A Note From Julie

This week many educators in Adams 12 have been participating in Hour of Code. I have enjoyed seeing kindergarten through high school students demonstrating their ability to control the computer by using different commands and combinations of code. As they learn to code or further their coding knowledge they are demonstrating skills such as perseverance, determination, critical thinking, and problem solving, skills that will transfer to all aspects of their education.

Developing students' digital literacy skills also helps them acquire skills that are crucial for surviving in an information-rich world. They learn to persevere when they are faced with evaluating numerous sources of information, they learn to think critically as they craft and pursue inquiry questions, they demonstrate problem-solving skills as they collaborate with their peers on many different topic and projects. Thank you for everything you do to help prepare our students for their futures! Best wishes for a well-deserved winter break!

Destiny and Mackin Integration

Destiny and Mackin have teamed up to make the user experience more seamless. Here are the highlights:
  • Mackin Via records will be available with destiny usernames and passwords, eliminating the need to login twice.
  • The MARC records for MackinVia ebooks and other digital resources have been loaded into the Destiny catalog.
  • Your Administrator accounts will remain intact for logging on to the administrator account on
  • One major change, current MackinVia backpacks will be erased when the integration occurs. New backpacks will be created for every student with the universal ID and passwords used to log in to destiny.

Please contact Jennifer Fugita (ext 4328) or Tiah Frankish (ext 6554) if you have questions, comments or concerns.

The integration will happen on December 18, 2015, unless you have questions that warrant delaying the integration while we find answers.

Hour of Code Photo Gallery

Elementary Database Questionnaire

Tiah is starting to paint a picture of the district database subscriptions and use. Elementary staff, could you please fill out this quick questionnaire to help her out? Deadline is Thursday, December 17th.

Shannon Miller on Coding

This week Follett hosted a great webinar featuring Shannon Miller and her thoughts on Coding. The powerpoint PDF is attached to this link.

Library Shelving

DeVry University, Westminster Campus, is remodeling. They no longer have need for 6 steelcase free standing bookcases and 1 wall mount steelcase book case. We would love to donate them to a library or school in our area. If you are interested, please contact Tiah and she will get you in touch with DeVry.
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