Autism Awareness Week

Our Vision: To grow Catholic, Christian young people,

who are confident, connected lifelong learners, inspired by the teachings of Jesus,

and who make a positive difference in their community.

Our Vision states: Everyone has a place here. In our safe and inclusive environment we embrace and value diversity. We recognise and respect the uniqueness of every individual within the school community as made in the image and likeness of God.

Autism Awarenness Week 2022 - In 2022 Autism NZ has invited schools to take part in ‘Hoods Up Wednesday’ on the 13th of April. This is where you may like to wear a hoodie to school to help raise awareness of autistic sensory differences.

Why hoodies?

Many autistic people experience sensory input like light, sound and touch more intensely, and wearing a hoodie with the hood up can help to block out uncomfortably loud sounds or bright light. Hoodies also tend to be made of softer fabrics, which are much more comfortable for autistic people who have sensitivities to touch and texture.

Wearing a hoodie for ‘Hoods Up Wednesday’ helps to raise awareness that hoods up can often be a tool for autistic people to feel more comfortable in the world. Someone with their hood up may just be someone trying to cope with an overwhelming amount of sensory input.

So, tomorrow, Wednesday 13 April, if you and your whānau would like to take part in this, a small way for us to show our support and understanding, and our desire for inclusion and acceptance of difference, then please feel free to wear a hoodie as your warm layer of clothing, instead of your school jersey, over your uniform.