Life in Bhutan...

By: Cameron Salinas

Cultural Traits

In Bhutan the people have many cultural traits such as their religion Buddhism and the people dance and religious ceremonies and Rituals are regularly performed. Also the Bhutanese pray to the gods of the Himalayan. Also Bhutan's unique spirit and identity is also reflected in the arts and crafts which are all religiously made. Furthermore Bhutan has holy spiritual festivals help for the people and all visitors, sword dances and other religious rights are preformed.

Economic- do not have money

Social- Have religious beliefs

Political- Kings and monarchy



Economic and Political

Bhutan is one of the worlds poorest and least developed countries, According to United Nations 26.2% of Bhutan's population lives on 1.25 US dollars per day. Bhutan has rich cultural values, and Bhutan has monarchy and kings in their government. In 1988 a major political change occurred the council of ministers was dissolved by the king.