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Henry Vlll / The 1980s

The 1980's

The 1980's was a very popular era, new styles of hair, clothes, and music. The 80's was a time of fun party's, hip hop music and just trying to look good.

According to and the 1980's otherwise known as "the eighties" by the people, was know for its new style of hip hop music, dancing and the crazy styles of clothes and hair! The eighties were very stubbed in color and committed to creativity, pop stars like Michele Jackson and the famous Prince who started the crazy hair and crazy clothes. After that people just started to dress like them and wanna look like them.

At the time if you had that you were cool. Not today if you dressed like that you would probably laughed and pointed at. Like in this picture of Prince performing at a concert in the 80's his bright purple jacket and his yellow scarf was the style of that time.

Henry viii

King Henry the viii (eight) a very disciplined man. At his time everything was perfect in his throne.

Ford and Phipps, the author's of the book's about him, says that King Henry the viii was a very religious man towards his gods and beliefs. He was born on June 28th, 1891 in Greenwich palace, green witch London, and died on April 21st, 1509. Henry had 3 kids. After his first wife for 17 years, she was killed. After that he had 5 more wives, none lasting more than just a few weeks and ended on de-heading 2 of them.

Henry viii changed his country in many ways. He was the first English king of Ireland from April 21st, until his death. Henry turned his country into a Protestant nation.

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