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September 13, 2020

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We Belong Here!

Hello Falcons!

Welcome to Week 2! We hope you had a nice relaxing weekend and are refreshed and ready for this 4 day week.

This week's edition is includes a Welcome and Introductory Video, Tips for Distance Learning, Tips for Managing Stress and a Power Point explaining the different applications used at Oak Valley (just in case you missed it last week).

With Kindness,

Ms. Bohn, Mr. Lightner, Ms. Stromberg, and Mr. Tahapary

Jocbethem Tahapary: A-Le jtahapary@powayusd.com

Kenya Bohn: Li - Z ebohn@powayusd.com

Andrew Lightner: alightner@powayusd.com

Student Services Specialist: Sandra Stromberg sstromberg@powayusd.com

OVMS Counseling Canvas 2020-21

Make sure to check out our OVMS Counseling 2020 canvas site at the link Here

You'll need to be a student or observer of your student's canvas site to view the link.

Week 2 Welcome Back Video

Hey Falcon Families,

Take a few minutes to meet our counseling staff, support staff and a few our teachers. We are beyond excited for the new school year.

Social Emotional Lesson-Ins and Outs of Distance/Virtual Learning

This week's Social Emotional Learning deals with staying organized and sane during Virtual Learning. This 7:00 minute video presents tips and strategies to be successful while we are in the virtual classroom room space. Take a little bit of time check out the video.

Virtual Learning and ways to keep it simple:

Keep it simple ad do your best

Take time to build relationships

It is totally fine to pivot and evolve as we progress

Don't get bogged down in all of the technology

How to Stay Organized for Distance Learning

Managing Stress

Starting the new school year can be fun and exciting. The changes to your routine and learning how to navigate school in the virtual world can also be stressful. Click on the photo to the left to see a few easy ways to banish stress and take care of yourselves. Also, check out the basic strategy to help deal with stress.


The benefits of stress can give you positive challenges and motivates us to take action.

Too much stress can overwhelm us so we know that stress can be contagious.

In order to have an impact on others you must first have an impact on yourself.

Start with a plan





Try and create a plan that sets time away around the same time and place creating a routine and habit.

have someone to share your concerns with.

At the end of the day find a little joy an something to look forward to.

Parent Technology Presentation Week 2

Just in case anybody missed this last week....New to PUSD, Oak Valley or Middle School? Wondering what all these different applications and programs are? Take a few minutes to look the following Power Point. This will give you the basics of the different applications we use and how to check on grades, assignments, and contact teachers.

COVID 19 Resources

Your Oak Valley Counseling Team

Jocbethem Tahapary: A-Le jtahapary@powayusd.com

Kenya Bohn: Li - Z ebohn@powayusd.com

Andrew Lightner: alightner@powayusd.com

Counseling Assistant: Belinda Pagaduan bpagaduan@powayusd.com

Student Services Specialist: Sandra Stromberg sstromberg@powayusd.com

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK

The Access & Crisis Line San Diego 1-888-724-7240

The Crisis Text Line - Text HOME to 741741.

California Warmline: 1-855-845-7415

Text TEEN to 83986

TEEN Support Guide