by: Marjoya Smith

Proteins supply energy to the body. They also help build , repair and maintain body tissues. Proteins made from chemical building blocks called amino acids. If your body doesn't get enough protein , you become weak , tired and your hair can fall out.

Major Sources of Protiens

There are three major sources of proteins. The most top rated source for proteins are animals. Meat, poultry, and seafood are animal proteins. Vegetables are also a major source of proteins. Dairy is also a source of protein.
P roteins is a nutrient that supply's energy to the body

R epair insured cells

O nce you've eaten a protein food, your body breaks the protein down to amino acids

T here are 3 major sources of proteins

E nzymes break the proteins down more

I ncomplete protiens lack one or more of essential amino acids

N ew cells are built

S ome sources of proteins are poulrry, fish, dairy products, peas, nuts, and more

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