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Lincolnshire-Prairie View School District 103 - Mar 20, 2020

Public Hearing & Public Input on eLearning Plan

Dear Parents,

This morning the Board of Education held a hearing to approve the Lincolnshire Prairie-View School District 103 eLearning Day Plan. Under current Illinois law, the district must follow certain procedures and timelines prior to implementing eLearning in the district, including announcements to the public and conducting a hearing (please see below for a timeline of announcements). This hearing is a formality required by the State and is separate from our current Continuous Learning Days.

The hearing lasted roughly 5 minutes and public participation was received via a public form. Due to some technical difficulties during the live stream, the sound from the hearing did not broadcast as expected.

We appreciate the feedback from District stakeholders on our eLearning progress and we encourage you to continue to share via our Parent Feedback forms. Each day administrators have reviewed the parent feedback and shared pertinent information with grade level teams to make our model more efficient and effective. If you are interested in providing feedback for the March 20, 2020 Continuous Learning Day, please complete the feedback form before 8:30 a.m. on March 21, 2020.

Timeline for Publicizing eLearning Day Plan

Tuesday, March 10

Wednesday, March 11

  • Notice of hearing was published in local newspapers

  • Communication was sent from the District clarifying the purpose of the hearing

Friday, March 13

Tuesday, March 17

  • eLearning Plan information was shared at the Board of Education Meeting

Friday, March 20

(Illinois School Code requires an eLearning Plan be submitted to the Regional Office of Education and for the Local Board of Education to hold a hearing 10 days after notifying the public.)

Thank you and stay tuned for additional information in the coming days,

Scott Warren, Ed.D

Superintendent of D103 Schools


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