No Teacher Left Behind

In The 21st Century

Consistent Learning Opportunities

Teachers need to be able to read and write, they also need to be technologically skillful. Just being able to use technology is not enough. Teachers need to be able to apply the technologies in a way that will allow students to learn and participate. This unique educational technology literacy is an essential skill set that not only must be acquired but also must be constantly learned. My opinions are that throughout their career teachers are exposed to many different types of information and they learn from their students everyday. Teacher are constantly learning, actually, I think workshops will the way to go because they learn from multiple sources constantly.

Professional Growth

Teachers need to continuously improve their professional career, by model lifelong learning. Teachers should attend professional workshops, Teachers should also participate in learning groups and explore ways for improvement in their learning.

Model Digital Learning

Yes, there should be constant standards that teachers should meet, teachers should attend workshops year to stay up dated. Furthermore, I think that teachers should display knowledge, skills, and work that is representative in today’s modern and professional digital society. Also, teachers should demonstrate fluency in technology systems. Effective teachers should model and apply, the National Educational Technology Standards and performance guidelines for Teachers.