Physics Catalog

By Tristan Kunz & Brian Kamm & Adam Essoufi

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What is Electromagnetic Induction?

Electromagnetic induction is the production of a potential difference (voltage) across a conductor when it is exposed to a varying magnetic field. Electromagnetism is the branch of science concerned with the forces that occur between electrically charged particles. In electromagnetic theory these forces are explained using electromagnetic fields.

Forces? Fields? Magnets?

Electric forces and magnetic forces act upon charged particles. Magnetic forces only act upon moving objects. Electrical fields surround electrically charged particles. Electromagnets are magnets that only have a magnetic field if current is flowing through them.

Motors and Generators

Motors turn electrical energy to mechanical energy. Generators do the opposite.

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Nikola tesla

Focus- The focus of his research was Electricity and playing with alternating current.

Invent-Tesla Invented the first radio and induction motor.

Extras- Also invented the tesla coil and the remote control.

Modern uses-Most electrical systems use something derived from Tesla’s inventions like lighting, remotes, radios, etc.