9 Day Caribbean Cruise Vacation

Allen-Michael Hurd

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Carnival Cruise

The Cruise has a set price of $699.00 for a ocean view room and price per night is $87.38.

I will be staying for 9 nights on the cruise and 9 days all together.


I will Leave from Dayton airport on November 28 and coming back the 6 of December and the round trip will cost $301.70. baggage fee is $25 and carry on's are aloud.


Day 1 - Leave for Dayton Airport, go to the airport and arrive in Ft Lauderdale Florida by 2 and take a taxi to the docking station for the ship and settle in and relax.

Day 2 - Fun Day at sea.

Day 3 - Another Fun Day at sea.

Day 4 -We arrive in Aruba and I take an excursion for UTV adventure which will cost $120.00.

Day 5 - We arrive in Caracao and visit the beach.

Day 6 - - Fun Day at sea.

Day 7 - We arrive in Grand Turk and I take an excursion for an reef and ray snorkeling adventure for $70.00.

Day 8 - Fun day at sea and packing to leave back to the real world.

Day 9 - Arrive in Ft Lauderdale and take a taxi back to the airport and arrive at Dayton airport and drive home and go to bed.


$50 - Drink band on cruise.

$100 - For miscellaneous and fast food. (Poppy's and Jack In The Box)

$25 - For gas to airport.

$50 - For taxi in Florida.

$50 - For souvenirs. (Poncho and Sombreros)

$0 - For food because its included in the Cruise Price.

Total =