Christian Foundations - NT

Summer 2016 Online


I am looking forward to our journey together as we survey the New Testament. I am hoping you develop a deeper love for God and for His Word as you are also challenged to think critically about the origins, interpretation, and application of the New Testament in your personal life, ministry, and our contemporary society.

I also hope that as we study the New Testament each of us grows stronger in our faith/towards faith as we discover the impact of Jesus' life (his words and deeds) on the early church as revealed through each author and book. As we dig into the New Testament, you will probably have questions you never had before, and you will probably not look at the Bible the same. It is my hope that after this semester you will see "more clearly a Jesus who is worth following!"

To get started, please:

  1. Complete the Jessup Online Student Orientation (on the main course page).
  2. Watch my introductory video (on the main course page).
  3. Read the message that Dr. J.R. Daniel Kirk, professor at Fuller Theological Seminary, wrote for his NT students.
  4. Download and thoroughly read our course syllabus.
  5. Next, please be sure that you have updated your Moodle profile - including a photo (preferably a close-up headshot).
  6. Briefly introduce yourself to our class in the Introductions discussion forum.

When you've completed these tasks, you're ready to begin Week 1! I want to draw special attention to the forum labeled "Ask the Librarian." This link not only contains the Library Guide with all kinds of resources for doing research in Bible & Theology subjects, but it also is a place where you can ask any questions you want about how to do research or how to locate reliable sources for writing your papers. Andrew Tweet, one of our WJU librarians, is linked to this forum and will answer any and all of your questions - so be sure to utilize this resource.

My further suggestions are: Study hard, participate in our online classroom early and often each week, and enjoy the ride!

John Gallegos