Obesity; creates tumors

Maddie Mitchell

being overweight

having a body mass index higher than 25 creates a higher risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer. it can also increase the risk of the disease coming back. the risk is higher partially because the fat cells make estrogen which makes hormone receptor-positive breast cancers form & grow.

extra cellular matrix

obesity causes framework that surrounds fat cells in the breasts to become stiffer. When the extracellular matrix is stiffer, it creates the right conditions for cancer tumors to grow. a thing called Myofibroblasts are in everyone’s body, whether we are injured or not these help cure wounds. but Because obese women have so many more myofibroblast cells than women at a healthy weight, they have tissue scarring and stiffening in the extracellular matrix even though they haven’t been injured. myofibroblasts give off specific compounds that make it easier for cancers to grow & develop.