How to Find the Best Foot Massager

Chronic foot soreness plagues millions of individuals

Pricey Hi-Tech Massage Machines

it is no wonder that there are foot massage contraptions of every conceivable shape and size out on the market today. With so many devices to choose from, it is hard to know how to choose the right massager for you. In this article, I will help you find the best foot massager for your money.

There are many high-tech foot and leg massagers out there, but with the high technology comes a high price tag. One such massager is the Ottoman Human Touch machine. This contraption looks kind of like, as the name suggests, an ottoman. You stick your feet into the slots, and a remote controlled roller massages the bottom of your feet.

This and similar massagers will doubtlessly give you a soothing massage, but the question you'll need to ask yourself is whether you really want or actually need to spend $300 and upwards in order to massage your feet?

Mid-priced Massage Tools

If you are not quite ready to splurge on the priciest foot gadget money can buy, consider instead a mid-priced foot therapy tool. The Multi Mode Warming Luxury Tapping Foot Massager is one such device. Priced at around $50, this device not only gives your feet a nice patting and vibrating massage, it also has a warming function to heat the soles of your feet.

This and similar devices are good alternatives if you aren't crazy about paying top dollar, and can provide a pleasant massage. One drawback to be aware of is that they are mechanical machines, and may be subject to breakage, and so consider the cost of repair and replacement when making your choice.

Low-tech, Low-Cost Effective Foot Massagers

You may be surprised that some of the most inexpensive, low-tech foot therapy devices can actually give you the best foot massage without breaking the bank. My favorite such foot device, and in my opinion the best foot massager for your money, is the traditional Japanese bamboo foot massager.

This simple massage tool, which has been used as the go-to foot massage tool in Japan for centuries, is simply a half-cut of bamboo that is naturally arched in such a way that it gives the bottoms of your feet a soothing, stimulating and surprisingly effective massage, just by stepping on it.

In contrast to the pricier models described above, this type of low-tech massage tool can be had for under $20, and since it is made of hard, natural bamboo and has no moving parts, it is durable and you can expect it to last a lifetime. It is also small, lightweight, portable, and very simple to use, so you're more likely to keep using it instead of stashing it away unused in your garage, closet or attic.