My Answers

How did camp life change the prisoners as a person? A family? And relationship with other human beings?

From my point of view, the camp life took the lives of the people that were held captive and made them consider themselves just "empty stomachs", or maybe not even that. Possibly a lost soul or just plain nothing. They completely forget about their surroundings, including people, family, and friends. All they could think about was themselves. They become greedy, needy, and have no boundaries to what they'll do for something as much as a little left-over bread crust.

Identify At Least 3 Themes In the Novel.

First off, one of the easiest themes I can think of is Silence. In my opinion, silence is one of the very most up front theme of Night. due to the racing minds of the captives, keeping them so silent the long time that they're stuck in the death trap that everyone calls "camp". Second, there's inhumanity towards other humans. That is another obvious one, no long explanation needed. I chose that theme simply because when you're in that camp, all you can think of is yourself, with the exception of people like Elie, who care for others that are close to him. Last but not least, Night. This is right on the title of the book, and the book mentions it every once in a while. Night always occurs when suffering is the worst, and the book is mainly about suffering.