Paul's Case

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The setting, as it stands, comes across as one that is relatively dark, and with an unpleasant urban feeling to it. The school feels at times repressive, the city streets and the rain are not at all the most pleasant due to the fact that...
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Point of View

... The point of view is as much a tunnel as the gun barrel at the start of James Bond.

We get everything nearly strictly from his perspective. Occasionally getting outside commentary from other characters, but through the film of Peter's opinions

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The important fact is NOT the wall. It is the flakes, the cracks.

Here it is that he is slowly getting worn down, and exposed to the harshness he perceives, leading to structural integrity issues, on the human perspective this is the emotional issues he goes through, before he cracks (suicide).

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The flowers at the beginning representing a vivacious spirit that he has early on, to contrast with his ever fading interior through his constant denials. The flowers are what he wants to be, rather than the creaking facade he is inside.
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How art can hold us, control us, and possess us.

His refuge is in art, and not in people.

He needs money to have art, but doesn't want to suffer the soul grinding monotony of day to day life, just living in his artistic appreciation. However, the hold is too strong, and it kills him.

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