Somalia Immigration in MN

By: Blake Mackbee

Push and Pull


-different clans fought among themselves to gain control of the country

-this led to a civil war and anarchy


-lots of other Somalis there(around 50,000)

-good economy

-low unemployment

-recognized community

-immigrant-owned businesses in Minnesota employs approximently 21,000 workers

Ravenstein's Laws

*Most migrants are adults- most Somalian's that move to Minnesota are adults

*Each migration flow produces a movement in the opposite direction(counter flow)-most Somalians don't go back and more people are leaving there then going there. So people aren't taking their place

Life in Minnesota

Places they live

*A lot of the Somalians live in the own community and in the twin cities

*Minneapolis Public Schools reported 1,345 of the districts students spoke Somali at home during 2008-2009 school year


*food processing

*meat packing


-lack of affordable housing in the area

-unexpected to people outside of the Somalia community

-challenges with expanding business outside of community

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