Anna Is Still Here

By Ida Vos

What the book's about

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a hidden child during the Holocaust? Anna Markus was one once. It was a traumatizing and hard experience to go through. When she meets Mrs. Neumann she can finally talk about what she went through and finds out she now has a new friend. Read the book to find out more about what Anna had gone through and what her life is like now.

What I've learned

When you're in hiding for a long time, just like Anna was, after you're able to come out and finally be free you're scared because you haven't seen the outside world in the longest time, and worried because you think the same thing will happen again at any time. During the Holocaust if you were caught hiding you'd be sent to concentration camps, murdered or arrested. A Jew couldn't practice their religion; they weren't able to sing songs that were an anthem to them or anything related to their race. The Nazi's despised it as well as them.

Why would you like it?

If you like realistic fiction and want to learn what life was like for a small Jewish child during an after the Holocaust then you would like Anna Is Still Here. It's a very easy read and helps you understand the perspective of a Jew.


This book is a fictional book.
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