Claire Schneider

About Me Project: TRMS

3 Words That Describe Me

  • Bright
  • Creative ( I love drawing and projects )
  • Trustworthy

3 things that make me a strong leader

1. Ability to act quickly in urgent or awkward situations

2. I am honest

3. I work hard

3 qualities I hope to gain from serving in a leadership role

  • I hope to gain more confidence
  • I hope I get to learn how to pass leadership skills on to others
  • I hope I get to practice leadership skills among my peers and help my peers become better leaders too

A quote that represents my view of leadership

"To lead people walk behind them" - Lao Tzu

Three Interesting Facts About Me

  • I play travel softball for Signature Park Firehawks
  • I have lived in Georgia my whole life
  • My favorite show on Netflix is Grey's Anatomy
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An inspirational leader

Ghandi is an inspirational leader that I look up to because he was not afraid to speak his mind . I didn't know a lot about Ghandi until we recently learned about him in Social Studies and he has inspired me ever since I started learning about him! My leadership quote really applies to Ghandi because even at his highest points , Ghandi put his people first and put himself in their shoes .