Transition Plus November 11th

The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery

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We have had some pretty amazing people from the community come to TPlus to share their culture. It would be great for students to write a thank you note to them to thank them for their time and perhaps even share what they learned or liked. This could be an opportunity to have students show gratitude, and reflect on/remember the events. Advisories/classrooms can put it in a format that makes the most sense for their students. (please keep the guests on separate papers)

  • Alex Santos - Latino celebration - DJ, dance instructor, fun maker
  • Darren Thompson - American Indian celebration - Flute player, 7 grandfather teachings table activity
  • Hope Flanigan - American Indian Celebration - storyteller
  • Allison Waukau - American Indian Celebration - button making activity

Walkie Talkie etiquette for the Nurses

In order to be considerate of the many students that we have in the bldg. and the complexity of medical needs.

  1. Consider the tone when asking for the nurse to come to your location. when you yell out nurse on the walkie we assume that their is an immediate medical emergency
    such as a seizure, behavioral concern etc..
  2. Use the student's initials.
  3. In order to maintain the student's privacy, whenever possible have the student come to the health office for icepacks, observations or concerns.
  4. If an injury occurs while the student is here in the bldg., it must be documented by health office staff the day of the injury. (If it wasn't seen it didn't happen)
    If it has occurred outside of school hours we can offer assistance but they should seek medical care with their guardian or parents.
  5. Non-emergency needs where the student can't be escorted to the health office please call 84071 or 45036
  6. We are currently in flu season we can't send student home unless three conditions exist temp is above 100. cough, and running nose.
  7. We should never diagnosis medical concerns for any student of MPS.

New Guidelines for Domain 4

Please see the 2019-20 SOEI Domain 4 Guidelines for details about Domain 4.

Last year, the Teacher Evaluation Labor Management Committee (TELMC) developed new guidelines for collecting evidence and scoring SOEI Domain 4.

In 2019-20, Domain 4 will be scored in alignment to the full observation year. All teachers who receive a full observation in 2019-20 (all probationary teachers and tenured teachers on their full observation cycle) will also have a Domain 4 conference with their primary observer.

A summary of the new Domain 4 guidelines:

All teachers and primary observers are encouraged to have conversations about SOEI Domain 4

Domain 4 will be officially scored on the same schedule as the full observation:

  • Once a year for probationary teachers
  • Once every 3 years for tenured teachers
  • Both the teacher and the primary observer will provide evidence for all Domain 4 elements except three: 4Bi, 4Ci, and 4Cii
  • Teachers and primary observers are encouraged to discuss the specific element levels in Domain 4 (exemplary, proficient, developing, requires attention), but the official scoring recorded in eCompass will be “evident (E)” or “not evident (NE)”
  • The primary observer will schedule a Domain 4 conference with the teacher to discuss evidence and scores. The Domain 4 conference may, but is not required to, coincide with the post-conference for the full observation

Questions about Domain 4 Guidelines? Contact Emily R. Olson

Pennies for patients

Hey everyone, Devon from Leadership class here. We are happy to kick off our Pennies for Patients fundraiser. No cash on you? No problem, donate online!

How to donate online for Pennies for Patients

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click on - Find School- and search for Transition Plus (Minneapolis,MN)

Step 3: Click on school

Step 4: Make your donation and thank you for your support!

Here is a timely article that might be of interest to students and staff.

What Does Thanksgiving Mean to Native Americans?

What Does Thanksgiving Mean to Native Americans?

For many Native Americans, the topic of Thanksgiving is a controversial one. Here’s a look at some of the reasons why Thanksgiving is a complex holiday, and one that all Americans should approach with greater sensitivity.

TPlus Site Council

Do you know of a student, parent or family member that would be interested in joining this group? Site Council meets once a month and helps inform decisions at T Plus from a student/parent/ community perspective.

We also need a staff member to lead this group/ co-facilitate- See Jason if interested.

We encourage students to be a participate as well. We want voices from multiple perspectives on how we continue to improve our practices at Transition Plus.

Our meetings are generally the 3rd Thursday of the month that school is in session.

Work Based Learning

Hi Transition Plus! We have openings in the Scan Lab on Mondays/Wednesdays, 2nd and 5th hour. If you have a student who needs work experience, this is a great opportunity to get it in school. In Scan Lab, students digitize documents, photos, slides, and other media, as well as learn file management and do some minor adjustments to photos.

If you have students who would be interested in this opportunity, please contact Ben Rodriguez at

Staff Reminders

  • Please let the Traci or Melissa know if you have meetings on the day of the meeting. We can eliminate a phone call that may interrupt your class if we know what time the meeting is at. This would be really helpful to us. Thank you to those who are already doing this.

  • If you know why a student is absent, please let the Melissa or Traci know. Case Managers, Social Workers, SEA's, A.E.'s, Job Coaches. Let's work together to ensure student attendance is correctly recorded when a student is absent.

  • Teachers, when entering an absence on AESOP, be sure to change the start time. For 1.0 onsite teachers, your time is 8:30-4:30. We do not want reserves arriving at 8:00.

    Thank you.

  • Lost prep reporting, only when covering for a teacher whose AESOP request was not filled, has changed. For now, you will no longer need to enter on ESS. This could change back at a later notice. For now, Traci will be entering your lost prep on a spreadsheet that she will to submit to payroll.

Food Service News

Breakfast sandwiches:

Wednesday mornings $2.50

Staff lunch meal deal:

Thursdays $5.50

Bakery Orders:

There’s still plenty of time to get your order in for a special treat! Bring cookies, pumpkin bars, a Bundt cake to that next football party of family event. Yum!

CBI Important Reminders:

  • Be sure to highlight the names of the students that are in attendance in your module.
  • Any questions regarding student participation in a module can be discussed between Case Manager and Module Facilitor Thanks!
  • Send any school bus requests and lesson plans to Colleen ASAP.

Coming Up at TPlus

Monday---------------- Non-Tenured Lic Staff Mtg-----8:30-9:30--------- Jeremiah's room

Tuesday--------------- Lic Staff Mtg---------------------------8:30-9:30--------- Small Kitchen



Friday------------------- PSWE-------------------------------------8:30-9:30---------- Christina's Room

Third Friday of the Month-------Newsletter Submissions for Families

A Conversation With Native Americans on Race | Op-Docs