Karla Orrantia

The Capitol Building

How the Building was Built

On September 18,1793 the corner stone was laid personally by President Washington. Fredrick Law Olmsted was the designer and architect of The Capitol Building. Slaves helped build almost all the building and grounds.The Capitol Building is in Washington, D.C.

"The Freedom Statue"

The statue on the top of the Capitol building is called "The Freedom Statue." The statue was installed on the top in December of 1856. A black slave figured out how to put a 19 1/2 foot,15,000 pound plaster statue to put on top of the dome.

Building Burned Down

On August 24, 1812, the Capitol Building was burned by a British raiding party. The building was burned by George Munger. The evening of August 24th, British troops entered Washington, D.C. and burned the Capitol Building, with other building as well.


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