Miss Cleasby's 4K News

News for the week of March 17th

St. Patrick's Day Theme

Last week we were paid a visit by a naughty leprechaun! He messed up our classroom and left a trail of shamrock dust. We weren't able to catch him but we will keep our eyes open for him this week! This week we will be doing St. Patrick's day projects and activities. We will also begin a "Seeds/Plants" theme this week. We will talk about what plants need to grow. Each student will be planting their very own sunflower seed. We will take care of it and watch it grow throughout the next few weeks. We will even keep a plant log to chart the changes in the seed.

Jolly Phonics

The Jolly Phonics letter of the week is "M". The action for the letter "M" sound is to rub your tummy, seeing tasty food and say mmmmmm. See below for the Jolly Phonics letter "M" song.
JOLLY PHONICS m song from Read Australia - having FUN with phonics

P/T Conferences

It was great to talk to the parents at Holland's Preschool last Thursday. If you have any further questions about your child's progress in 4K please don't hesitate to ask. Conferences for the 4K morning class will be held this Tuesday, March 18th from 3:00 - 8:00pm at the Elementary School Room 126. I look forward to meeting with the rest of you to talk about your child's progress in 4K! If you have any questions about your conference time or location please don't hesitate to call me. Thanks!

Name Writing

4K students have been working hard at writing their names the "Kindergarten Way". Some parents asked at conferences if I would send out the Handwriting Without Tears capital and lowercase letter formation sheets for further reference. See the links below for these two documents.

Star of the Week A.M.

Great job as "Star of the Week" Drake!! Super work on your "Star of the Week" poster! Thanks for showing us your neat pillow pet, toy airplane, and your stuffed animal monkey. Also, thanks for bringing yummy chocolate cake on Friday for your "Star Snack"!

Upcoming Events

*100th day of School A.M. Class- Thursday, March 27th P.M. Class- Monday, April 7th
*Spring Break- Wednesday, April 2nd- Friday, April 4th