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March 2020

Peshtigo Elementary Learning Center

341 North Emery Ave, Peshtigo, WI 54157

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March 2 - National Read Across America Day

March 6 - NO SCHOOL - Teacher Inservice Day

March 12 - Parent/Teacher Conferences - 3:30-6:30 pm

March 17 - Parent/Teacher Conferences - 3:30-6:30 pm

March 23-27 - NO SCHOOL - Spring Break

April 3 - Art and Science Fair

GREETINGS From Mrs. Collins

Dear PELC Families -

Growing up, my family was ALL ABOUT BASEBALL. I lived a short distance from Dodger stadium and we'd watch every single game. I would also spend hundreds of hours each summer watching my older brother play ball. Eventually, he was drafted by the San Diego Padres and played in the minor leagues for three years. The picture to the right is one of his baseball cards! Baseball continues to be a big part of our family and I look forward to spring training every year. It's a sign to me that certain things are close by; warmer weather, hot dogs, and the crack of a baseball as it flies over the outfield.

March is also a time for March Madness, so if baseball isn't on the TV at home, basketball is! We use the college tournament here at school to frame a reading challenge for Read Across America Month. We have LOTS of reading incentives during the month of March, including our PTSO's Read-A-Thon challenge, so please enjoy!

Mrs. Collins

UPDATE From Mrs. Osowski

During the month of February, we had a focus on being our Best Bulldogs in the cafeteria. Students reviewed ways to show respect, be responsible and be safe during our lunch periods. Students who have been showing these positive actions have been acknowledged with Bulldog Bucks and Kind Bulldog slips.

For the month of March, we will focus on cleaning up the hallways!

Preschool Matters

Those of us in education spend a great deal of time discussing learning activities that are age-appropriate for our students. Oftentimes, these conversations lead to others that explore the increased academic expectations for students in schools today. There are lots of articles that refer to 5 year-old Kindergarten as the “new 1st grade” for example, but here at the Peshtigo Elementary Learning Center, we see that mantra as too simple and start our teaching at age 4.

When students come to our school and explore our 4 year-old, half day program, we teach them much more than academics. We sing songs to encourage language and speech development. We play games to learn teamwork and build curiosity. We learn to communicate and cooperate, we practice good manners and good hygiene, and we teach children to be kind to one another. Our certified early childhood teachers have years of experience preparing children for the rest of their lives and we invite you all to join us! Register now for 4K!


Please remember:

  • When school begins with a late start (10:00) due to inclement weather, we DO NOT serve breakfast and supervision begins at 9:45 am.
  • If you have moved, changed phone numbers, or otherwise need to update emergency contact information for your student(s), please do so immediately by contacting the main office at (715) 582-3762.
  • Students should leave valuables at home and be reminded that cell phones are NOT allowed to be used during the school day.
  • Please review Kobussen bus rules with your children. They can be found in the family handbook available online.

Act of Kindness

Thank you PELC families for supporting Ronald McDonald House Charities during Student Council’s February Act of Kindness. Through your generous donations, we are able to deliver an amazing amount of supplies and pop-tops!
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PTSO Meeting

March 11th

6:30 Cafeteria

Peshtigo Elementary School parents, we are holding a Read-a-thon from March 2-13. This is a fundraiser that requires NO selling of products but will raise funds through donations. This will replace the spring Hansen’s Foods Fundraiser. Please watch for the flyer being sent home and create your child's Read-a-thon page when you receive it! This is an exciting event that will encourage lots of reading and hopefully raise money for more fun events and items for our school.

Thanks for helping support your child's school!


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April 3rd Kick Off scheduled from 5-7 pm! We will see you in the jungle!

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NEWS from the GYM

Happy National Nutrition month!

Though nutrition is important year-round, the month of March gives us a good reminder of just how vital it is. When planning your next meal, consider all parts of nutrition; fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins, and dairy. Also, consider sugar content. The American Heart Association recommends that women have no more than 100 calories or about 6 teaspoons per day and men 150 calories or 9 teaspoons. Many common drinks have over twice as much sugar as the daily recommended value. Popular energy drinks typically have close to 143 calories or 9.25 tsp of sugar. Your favorite flavored coffee about 18 teaspoons or more! Even popular sodas have about 10 tsp. of sugar. Though abstaining from sipping these drinks would be ideal it is always your choice and we encourage you to consume any sweet treats in moderation. Having water, on the other hand, provides a thirst-quenching, sugar-free, calorie-free alternative.

Good nutrition should coincide with exercise! This month, PELC students will be participating in volleyball, cup stacking, soccer, and fitness testing. We would like to extend a heartfelt goodbye and good luck to Mr. Baker, our student-teacher these past 8 weeks, as he travels to his new placement at the Peshtigo High School!

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News from the School Counselor

Dear Parents,

Every day we all encounter a wide range of problems. Most problems are small, so small that most of us do not even recognize them as problems we are solving. Being able to solve these problems quickly and easily makes our days go much more smoothly than if we struggled with problem-solving. One of the most common concerns I see and hear about with students is a lack of good problem-solving skills, even with small problems that can be solved in simple ways. This contributes to conflicts between students and to heightened emotions that students have trouble managing, both of which can get in the way of students learning.

You can help your child learn how to solve problems effectively by:

  • Teaching them the STEPs

    • State the problem

    • Think of possible solutions

    • Evaluate the solutions – what will happen if you do this or that?

    • Pick a solution and try it

  • Modeling how to solve problems – Maybe something broke, maybe you have too many commitments and not enough time to do them, or maybe there’s something you want that may not be feasible. Problem-solve out loud, as calmly and positively as you can, so that your child can see how it works.

  • Allowing your child to solve her own problems – One of the greatest mistakes we can make is swooping in and solving our children’s problems for them. Even young children can work on solving small problems. Guide your child through the problem-solving steps, but allow your child to pick a solution and try it out. Allowing children to practice and make mistakes with small problems when the consequences are small will give them the tools they need to be good problem-solvers when they are older and the consequences are bigger.


Katie Seidler, School Counselor

(715) 582-3762 ext. 3100

Wisconsin Forward Exam

Students in grades 3rd through 6th grade will be participating in the Wisconsin Forward Exam this April at PELC. The Wisconsin Forward exam is administered in ELA and mathematics for grades 3-8, in science for grades 4, and 8, and 4, 8, and 10 in social Studies. This online assessment will provide a measure of students’ knowledge and skills required to be college- and career-ready. If you would like more information about the exam, please click on the graphic.

Please note: Portions of the exam may require headphones, therefore it is important for students to have an individual pair.

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Potato BOOK Characters

Students are invited to decorate a potato to imitate a book character! Potatoes will be displayed at the Science/Art Fair

1. Decorate/dress/paint a potato to look like a character from a story

a. It can be a nursery rhyme, fairy tale, fiction book, or any children’s book character

2. Write your Character’s Name, the Book Title, your First and Last Name, and your Teacher’s Name on the stand or on an index card folded in half

3. Bring your potato book character to school on April 2nd

4. Each participant will receive a special bookmark

5. Students will have his/her name placed in a drawing for a free book

Running CLUB News

Kids for Running Club is kicking off on March 9th for the parent meeting at 6:00 in the cafeteria. If your child is interested in training for the Cellcom 5K and/or the Bellin 10K, please come to the parent meeting. Running club will start on March 16th after school. We are also looking for volunteers to help us every Monday and Wednesday after school. There are various jobs and times that are available for you to choose from to help run this club successfully.

Please contact Laura Finger ( or Jodi VanVooren (vanvoorenj@peshtigo, if you have any questions.


Peshtigo Girls Softball is looking for girls ages 6 to 17 to play summer league fastpitch softball. Registration will be open from February 12th - March 8th and can be done on our website the cost is $35 plus a $3 service fee. For more information email us at or call/text us at 715-587-2931

Like us on Facebook at Peshtigo Softball

Go Bulldogs!

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