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Week of August 22, 2022

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From Dean Elsasser

Last year when we opened Vanguard we were still navigating Covid protocols, opening the first school of our kind in the district, and coming together as faculty and students from all over the district.

Scores on our first set of district checkpoints were extremely behind the other high schools in MISD. We knew we had a mountain to climb. I am happy to report that not only did we summit the mountain we were first in the district in our passing rate, but we were also awarded 6 of the 7 distinctions from TEA, the most of any MISD high schools.

This is a wonderful story about perseverance and grit. Our students and our teachers make me proud to be the Dean of Vanguard High School.

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Don't miss our FIRST PTA Meeting this week!

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Engineering Design Students and Sail Cars

Mr. Broussard's Engineering Design 1 students had fun this week racing the sail cars that they designed and constructed!

Watch the video below to see the cars on the go!

syGlass Virtual Reality comes to Vanguard

An Innovative course with cutting-edge technology spear-headed by MISD superintendent Dr. Rivera isbeing piloted at Vanguard High School with the hopes of expanding it to other high schools in MISD. Ms. Reed's Nueroscience students were given a one-of-a-kind demonstration this week when syGlass Virtual Reality came to visit. Vanguard will offer students the opportunity to use syGlass equipment to explore the human brain. Dr. Rivera even stopped by to play!

Class Meetings

We were excited to hold class meetings this week with all of our Vanguards! Each class of students joined the Vanguard administration for an overview of expectations and things to look forward to this school year! It was great to see our returning students and meet with all of our Freshmen students at one time!

Vanguard Library

English teachers have been sending students to visit the Vanguard library to get books for SSR time (sustained silent reading time)! Don't forget about our MISD digital library and the availability of ebooks and audiobooks 24/7! See the attached slideshow for detailed information about the Vanguard library!

Upcoming Events!

We have a semester full of events that we are looking forward to. As the events approach we will share more information about them.


August 26th - Picture Day

August 29th - Picture Day


  • September 2nd -Carter Blood Drive- sponsored by our Phlebotomy students
  • Week of September 19th-September 22nd - VANGUARD SPIRIT WEEK and COLLEGE AND CAREER WEEK (Details coming soon!)


  • October 14th- Manufacturing Day
  • Fall Festival TBA


  • November 18th - 2nd Annual Turkey Tourney Kickball Tournament! (Revitalized- bigger and better than last year!)


  • Winter Formal
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Carter Blood Care

Sign up for our first Blood Drive of the year sponsored by our phlebotomy students and their instructor, Mr. Wade through Carter Blood Care.

Mark your calendars for:

Friday, September 02, 2022

Click here to reserve your spot today!

Only a few spots are left!

Student Standardized Dress

Vanguard students are expected to follow MISD standard dress policy.

Dress Policy 2021 (

The Pulse - Vanguard Celebrations

Do you have something positive to share about Vanguard students, faculty, or incoming Vanguards? We would love for you to share celebrations through this Google Form! Your submission may be shared on social media or the VIP!

Student ID Badges

Students are required to have Student ID badges visible at all times, this is for the safety of the students and Vanguard High School Campus.

If students do not have an ID badge they will be charged $5 for a replacement. This includes if a student scratches off picture, puts a sticker over the original pictures or in some way alters the original picture on the ID Badge.

Thank you for helping us keep your student and Vanguard High School safe

Employability Skills and Cell Phone Policy

Vanguard's goal is to prepare students for the workforce. Our employability skills help students learn behaviors that will help them be successful. One of our policies is that cell phones are not to be used while in class. Our employability skills are listed below along with our employability skills rubric used in the classroom.

Completes Assignments on time

Keeps appointments on time

Exhibits professionalism in the areas of courtesy, appropriate language, and dress

Makes choices of personal behaviors based upon his or her long-term goals rather than short-term satisfaction

Interacts within a group based upon an understanding of and a desire to achieve the goals of the group

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Student Parking Pass

Every vehicle parked on campus must be registered with the office and have an approved 22-23 parking sticker. VHS student drivers MUST Park in the designated student parking lot located at the back of the building. Parking stickers will cost $20 each.

To get a parking sticker, follow these steps:
Step 1 - Complete and submit this form. You must have valid driver's license and proof of insurance.

Step 2 - Pay $20 for your parking sticker via cash/check/credit card. Parents can pay with Credit Card through the MISD Online Payment and Registration Portal. Cash and Checks will be accepted by Mrs. Kathman C130.

Parking stickers must be on vehicles by Friday, August 26th!

MISD 2022-23 District Calendar

Download, save and share the 2022-23 Mesquite ISD District Calendar! Keep up with student holidays, A/B schedule and other important dates this school year and plan accordingly.

Click Here to download a copy of the district calendar!