Join "Dr. Pat Allen"

November 2nd 2019 11am - 2pm

"How to Be Engaged to the Right Man within a Year!"

Saturday, Nov. 2nd, 11am-2pm

1579 Mallorca Drive

Vista, CA

RSVP by calling Sunna Vaerst at 310-384-0030 or email her at
The cost is $30.00 which includes lunch.

Payment in advance required. Use this link to pay.

Parking is on the street

Dr. Pat Allen

See and hear nationally known therapist, author and lecturer Dr. Pat Allen explain her unique theories on how male and female energies interact in a relationship. “It’s a Man’s World and a Women’s Universe”, Men are in charge of junk, and women with the air (spiritual things). It’s the 2000’s…you can be whoever your want to be…just be sure that your partner is your complement. Most couples today are doing slam-dance, not waltz. You just might find out who you really are!

WOPH Mission Statement

Women of Properous Heart

WOPH - has been designed for Women who are in business or who are longing to start their own business and looking for a place to get support and inspired! We assume organically we will create relationships with each other, use each others services and pass business to each other.

We have designed several venues that one can participate in to actualize your desires.

We recently launched a young women's mentoring group that met monthly. Here we mentor young women in their pursuits to have an hopeful and amazing future.

Plus we've created Q&A sessions with professionals so that these young women can have opportunities to expand their reach on various topics that they deal with on a daily basis.

We have an Annual Event Speakers Engagement were one can get educated, network and be part of the WOPH community.

Our mainstay is our Mastermind Group we gather monthly and study Napoleon Hill's message in his book "Think & Grow Rich". Here each woman can express openly in a intimate and safe environment. We have many testimonials how this mastermind has changed women's lives; personally, in their work life and many have doubled, tripled and quadrupled their income.